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Art Guide


Our prepress department is equipped with some of the most recent design software, imaging equipment and plating equipment available.  All design, imaging and plating is completed here in-house at Precision Tape & Label. 

Quick References:

Artwork Submission Guidelines (HTML)

Corner Radius Chart (PDF)

Unwind Roll Chart (PDF)


Here at PT&L, every phase of production remains under our watchful eyes!  Unlike many other printing companies, we have no need to outsource any of our printing plates.  This leaves everything right at our fingertips.  We can create new plates "on the fly," often in under one hour.  This keeps our production moving and gets your product out the door as quickly as possibly!  In fact, we have produced full-color four color process labels in less than 24 hours (that's from receipt of artwork to the time it leaves our facility printed and packaged! - AMAZING!)

We are a PC based printing company.  However, don't let that frighten you!  We are fully capable of converting your design to PC format.  Please see our Artwork Submission Guidelines for more information regarding file formats and other very helpful artwork information.



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