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Unsolicited comments from our customers, in their own words...

These are just some of the emails that we have received from our customers over the last couple of years.  We aren't "tooting our own horn," but we realize what others say about us is FAR more effective than what we say about ourselves!

"Thanks again for all your help!!!! You are my best vendor and I would not be able to take care of my customer’s with out you!!!  Please thank all the employees of Precision Tape and Label for me and let them know I appreciated all their efforts this year." - Robert, 12/2006


"Thanks again…your response and service is awesome!"

Patrick, 5/09


"...As for the labels, everyone here thinks they look great, good job! Hope to work with you in the future." - Chris, 4/2006

"I just wanted to take a moment and write you to tell you the stickers ROCK. Thanks. I can imagine what a nightmare they were to produce but I want you to know we are very happy with them and will def be ordering more when we run low!" - Kenny, 11/2008

"Labels arrived...look Great!!!!!!! Thanks for all your help!"

Peggy, 6/09

"I want to thank you for your help in creating and printing our new labels. We were able to meet our deadlines for getting sample units out for trade shows and photography. Thanks to you, John, and everyone at Precision who helped us get it done." - Richard, 9/2008

"Got (the labels) and they look great!" - Todd, 6/2007

"We received the labels yesterday and they look great!!!! You guys did a wonderful job!" - Nikki, 4/2007

"Thanks for extra effort you have given on the last couple of jobs for us. Great job!" - Ken, 6/2006

"Though it has been a hectic situation to both parties involved, the cooperation from your end as well as John's has been absolutely magnificent.  I look forward to working with you again." - Lester, 11/2006

"I wanted to thank you again for getting these labels out yesterday!!!!!! You went above and beyond the call!!! (My customer) wanted me to thank you as well." - Robert, 11/2006

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