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PT&L University is a "schooling" of sorts.  Here you will hopefully learn a little bit more about Precision Tape & Label, our policies and the printing process!  If you have a question which is not answered here, or, if you would like further explanation of any of the following please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone at 800-225-7754, fax at (508) 278-7711, or email us at info@PrecisionTapeandLabel.com


We also invite you to visit our "Our Process" page which shows a little bit more about the flexo printing process, how four color process is produced and more!

Is PT&L a manufacturer or distributor?

What is flexographic printing?

What is PT&L's standard delivery for a custom printed job? Is it flexible?

What are your rush fees?

Does PT&L make products which are not pressure sensitive (self-sticking)?.

Is PT&L using "environmentally friendly" inks?

Can PT&L sequentially number (serialize) labels and print bar codes?

What are your freight terms? 

Shipping... what methods do we use?

What colors are available?

Does one PMS color cost more than another?

What is the difference between thermal transfer and direct thermal?

How do I know how many ribbons I need for my thermal transfer labels?

Where do I buy my thermal transfer ribbons?

Do you have samples available?


Is PT&L a manufacturer or distributor?

We are a manufacturer of labels, tapes, tags and decals. By purchasing from a manufacturer, you can be assured that you are getting the absolute best price!  Related products and services are also available. Please inquire with one of our customer service representatives for further details. If we do not manufacture or supply the product you are looking for, we may be able to refer you to a quality vendor who will be able to assist you.

What is Flexographic Printing?

For a display of how our presses operate, visit our printing process page!  In general, flexographic printing is a rotary in-line printing method that uses flexible polymer plates with raised images.  The plates transfer images to the label substrate utilizing fast-drying inks.  In addition to creating full-color images, most Flexographic presses accommodate die-cutting (after printing) and laminating (used to protect the label after it is printed).

What is PT&L's standard delivery for a custom printed job?

Standard delivery is generally 2 weeks (10 business days). This time frame may vary depending upon the complexity of the program and additional variables such as the use of unique (non-stock) materials or adhesives. However, our delivery IS flexible! 

What are your rush fees?

In most cases we don't charge additional "rush" fees for "emergency" orders. We know that we've all been in those situations where we needed something yesterday so unfortunately, we can sympathize! When might we charge a rush fee?  If we incur any special fees from our suppliers (overnight shipping charges, vendor rush fees, etc).  Then we may need to pass those along to you.

Does PT&L make products which are not pressure sensitive (self-sticking)?

Yes. In addition to printing on a diverse selection of pressure sensitive materials, we also manufacture tape products, tags and labels on a wide variety of non-pressure sensitive materials. Such materials include: Mylar, Polyester, Tyvek, Valeron, Kimdura, Kapton and much more.

Is PT&L using "environmentally friendly" inks?

Precision Tape & Label prefers to use water-based ink products whenever possible. These products allow for a cleaner air environment for our employees as well as provide a more "environmentally friendly" alternative to UV/Solvent based inks. (Solvent based inks are still used on programs which require them).

Can PT&L sequentially number (serialize) labels and print bar codes?

Yes, we have the capability to sequentially number labels for a variety of applications. Such applications may include cable/wire labels (UL recognized), inventory labels, tracking procedures and more. We can also print consecutively numbered bar codes as well, excellent for identification requirements. Labels can be printed on a variety of materials including, polyester, vinyl, paper, foil, Tyvek and more, all designed to meet specific application requirements.

What are your freight terms?

All orders are shipped FOB Uxbridge, MA unless otherwise indicated. If you require delivered terms please discuss your needs with a customer service team member.

What shipping methods does PT&L use to ship orders?

FedEx, UPS, Airborne Express and Common Carrier are most commonly used. Shipments are sent via ground delivery unless requested otherwise by our customer. Shipping FOB Collect to your freight service account is also available upon request. If you prefer we use an alternate shipping method than those mentioned, please indicate when ordering.

What are PT&L's credit terms?

New customers are required to fill out a credit application (available online here or via fax, mail or email). Pending approval, your order will ship on account with terms of Net 30. If an account is not opened with us, or we are unable to extend credit at this time, we will ship C.O.D. or after payment is received.

What colors can I choose for my printed program?

There is an extensive range of PMS colors to choose from. If you are unsure as to which PMS color(s) you would like to use, please give us a call and we will gladly assist you with the process.

Does one PMS color cost more than another?

99.99% of the time we charge the same price regardless of the color(s) you choose (for example, black is the same price as a gold or red). There is also no additional charge for us to match a PMS color or your own unique color which may not be an exact PMS match. The only exception is when it is an odd non-stock ink color. We stock and/or have access to HUNDREDS of ink colors.  However, some inks are special order and non-stock. For example, if you wish to use a gold metallic ink that we do not stock then there may be an extra charge for this color.

What is the difference between thermal transfer and direct thermal?

Thermal transfer labels require a thermal transfer printer and a thermal transfer ribbon. Heating of the printhead elements within the printer causes the ink or resin within the ribbon to transfer onto the label.

Direct thermal labels require a direct thermal printer and do not require a ribbon. Instead, heating of the printhead elements within the printer activates a heat-sensitive coating on the label material and an image is printed onto the label.

How do I know how many ribbons I need for my thermal transfer labels?

Go to our handy online ribbon calculator!

If you'd like to know how to figure ribbons without the calculator, here is the equation you can use to determine how many ribbons you need to print on your labels:

# of labels x repeat of label (inches)* / 12 / length of ribbon (feet)

example: 25,000 x 6.125 in. / 12 / 985 ft = 12.95 ribbons (or 13)

*(repeat = length of label + space between as it feeds through your printer)

Where do I buy my thermal transfer ribbons?

Precision Tape & Label, of course!  We have a full line of thermal transfer ribbons available to suit your printer model and printing application. Please call today for your free sample! Refer to the thermal transfer ribbon section of this website for additional information or contact a member of our customer service team for assistance.

Do you have samples available of your products?

Yes! Please contact us to receive previously printed samples, material samples, data sheets, blank labels or thermal transfer ribbons for review.  If you need press proofs or waterproofs, we can accommodate that as well! Previously printed samples will be provided at no charge or obligation to you.


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